Wooden Floors- But Which One

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Wooden flooring is emerging as a very popular means of enhancing your home or office dcor. However, it can be quite an intricate decision about which material to go for, which laminations to choose, which color would suit your home or work area setting or may be what type of wooden floor would be more durable.

Some basic guidelines might help you sort out a lot of those interlinked thoughts in your mind. Wooden floors are basically of three major types. The best quality and the of course the most expensive one is the solid hardwood. It can be acquired from some very unique species, namely teak and mahogany. However, those who cant afford it dont get disheartened, as you can surely go for oak, pine or maple as they are good enough too.But those who can afford a luxury like this should not miss on teak or mahogany as their look and feel is unparalleled. Solid hardwood certainly offers the maximum durability and sense of luxury. In fact, you wouldnt be able to experience the feel of walking on solid hardwood on anything else!

The second type is the engineered flooring. Surely, it doesnt offer the same lavish atmosphere but isnt a bad choice either. Its face layer is made up of hardwood lamella, while the core is the basically softwood. The final backup layer is usually again of the hardwood lamella.Upon installation, only the top layer of hardwood lamella is visible to the naked eye. In short, the engineered wood floor is a composition of wooden layers adhered together.

Finally, coming to the least expensive wooden floor, we touch upon the laminated wooden floors. Actually this is just kind of a forged wooden floor. You have a resinous base, on which you put a paper coat. The paper coating is in reality printed so that it resembles the wooden texture. However, the wooden feel cannot be copied and so limited floors surely lack this one important feature of wooden floors.

Coming to the installation part, it is yet another significant factor. The solid hardwood is normally nailed down or glued. But the other two are working on a floating system that means that they are not attached to the subfloor. This characteristic makes it very easy for you to work with if you are a beginner and it also hides any unevenness present in the subfloor. But in case you are a starter, you wouldnt be able to nail the solid hardwood floor and so professional installation is required here!

Now moving on to the finishing part, the hardwood is luxurious enough on its own and you can make do without the finish and can treat them with stains and sealers. However, the laminated floors and the engineered ones are prefinished and you cant treat them with stains or sealers. So when opting for these two, you should be sure about which finish contents you for the longest!

Hope you now have an idea about how to go about your wooden flooring decision!

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Wooden Floors- But Which One

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This article was published on 2011/02/23