Types of the wooden gates

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Wooden gates have an essential earthy yet charming feel to it. They exude the sophisticated aura of warmth and security that dignifies the whole home from outside world. The beauty and sensitive appeal of these gates is sure timeless and soothing.  There are several types of wooden gates that have their own presence and features.


-   Driveway Gate:

The driveway wooden gates have this large built up that covers the entire entrance and the garden as well. The cars can be parked safely behind the fence. Their strongest presence can be powerful and imposing with its own inherent secure vibe. However the variations can be created to redefine the impression and the look. The downward or upward arch in the middle would relieve the imposing feel. Another one is the prominent designs use the solid horizontal or vertical bars which have an elegant forbidden fruit appeal to it. My personal favorites are the wooden gates that combine the downward arch with elegant vertical bars halfway of the gate.


-   Indoor Gate:

The indoor wooden gates are really the best gates for the families with children and gates. These gates have the built-in vertically well-spaced thin bars. These gates have really light design and perfect borders to protect children. These are better than children-proof gates because they have that quality inherently. These are easy to maneuver gates for guests as well. These gates represent access, comfort and welcoming feel about the home and the host.  The best color for these gates is a matching or the white color. With the bright color, the gate would exude even more chirpy and genuine vibe about it.


-   Ranch Style Gate:

The most prominent feature of the ranch style wooden gates is their long horizontal planks that are adjoined at the corner poles. These are mainly for suitable for old rustic western houses and ranches that need to fence the large area. These gates mostly composed of the wood but new designs in these types have fascinating combinations with other materials like stone or bricks. The beauty of these simple wooden gates is that though they represent security and warmth, they also have a very nostalgic vibe that would go very well with certain houses.


-   Picket Fence/Trellis Gate:

These picket fences or trellis gates are one of the most popular ones. These are typical wooden gates that lead to brick pathway to front poach. These are very easy access gates to garden or yards. The very well spaced vertical bars of the picket fence give a beautiful view of your garden and the short length of the bars combine the steady yet warm feel. The most typical Trellis gate designs have a quintessentially country look.



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The driveway  wooden gates have this large built up that covers the entire entrance and the garden as well. With the help of just few simple techniques you can extend the life of your wooden gate, hope this article was in favor of providing useful information's about double wooden gates and how to extend their life span.


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Types of the wooden gates

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This article was published on 2010/12/24